Thursday, June 17, 2004

Great News for you all

Well, I have a really interesting development to inform you all of. It will come as quite a shock to some of you, and you might just think that I am nuts, but here it goes. I am pleased to announce that I am engaged to the most wonderful person in the world, Marleah Moelker. I know this news may come a quite a shock to some of you who read this, but we have given it careful consideration. We are planning on having the wedding next year in late June or early July, the offical date has yet to be decided. It will take place in Chatam, at her parents house in the back yard. The reception location has yet to be decided, we are debating outdoor or indoor receptions right now. We promsie to keep you all updated as details fall into place. We ask for your prayers as there is much to be done. For more information go to Beginning Together for the current status of our planning.


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